Co-Living Spaces

Exceptional Co-Living for Exceptional People

At Concept Housing, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional standard of living to exceptional people.  We want people to be inspired by the place they live.

Our team is a collective of individuals, unique in the breath and depth of our worldly experience. We all have a personal story of how we have benefited from diverse living spaces throughout our lives.

We have experienced the most sophisticated of living spaces, from Hollywood high society to New York corporate funded boondoggles. We have also created exceptional spaces for ourselves while living out of garages, cars and buses traveling the US, and on foot, with nothing but the clothes on our back.

The culmination of our experience has been distilled into one unique principal: environment and people matter.

At Concept Housing, we are driven to create exceptional spaces for exceptional people. If you want to be inspired by your environment and the people around whom you live, then it’s time to think differently about your living space.